About Us

Dino Verzosa, Lead Inspector

We all have that friend that we can call just to chat about anything and the phone call can go on for hours. Dino is that friend! And it's your lucky day because that friend is also now your home inspector. Dino mentored under Jake Short for some time and got knowledgable enough to take the reigns and conduct great inspections.

Jake Short, Mentor

Jake Short is not your typical home inspector. Coming from a forensic investigations background, his eyes are trained to see things that others may miss. He moved to Flagstaff about 10 years ago to attend NAU. Inspector Jake got his degree in Chemistry pre-forensics so he could become a Crime Scene Investigator. When he was purchasing his home with his wife, Ashley, he enjoyed investigating the house with his inspector, looking for concerns. He has always enjoyed serving others and inspecting homes is his way to both investigate and serve the people of Flagstaff.

After getting his credentials for home inspection, Jake met an experienced inspector of 30 years in Flagstaff named Brion Grant. Jake mentored under Brion to really get a feel for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. After nearly a year of mentoring, Brion trusted Jake enough to sell Jake his home inspection business. 

Here we are some years later, Jake has been using the tips and tricks that he learned from Brion to keep the Northland Inspections legacy alive while bringing his unique character into the business as well. It is our goal to provide a personable experience for our clients. We strive to educate our clients so they can be confident that they know more about their prospective home than the current owner does. We can assure all of our clients that they will not be disapointed.