About Us

Brion Grant, Inspector...Its all about me!

After many years working as an Arizona licensed general contractor, I heard about a new profession called "home Inspection" in 1987.  I attended an education seminar titled "How To Get Into The Home Inspection Business" and never looked back! 

I was one of the first inspectors in Arizona and had an uphill struggle to explain what a home inspection was and how an inspection could help buyers, sellers and real estate agents.  Now, home inspections are an integral part of virtually all real estate transactions!

I was interested in helping to develop the profession and helped establish the first inspection organization in Arizona, a chapter of ASHI. (The American Society of Home Inspectors)  As the chapter grew, I became involved in leadership of ASHI national and eventually became the 2008 National President.

When the State of Arizona wanted to liscense inspectors,  I was chosen as the first Chairman of the Board of Technical Registration Home Inspector Advisory Committee and was instrumental in writing the statutes, rules, standards and procedures for all home inspectors in Arizona.   

It has been quite a ride for over 22 years!